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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Free Books technically they aren't free books, but they feel free.

I often save my change in the ash tray of my SUV and in a coffee container. Once they add up to a significant amount, I take them to a coin counting machine and cash them in. There is one problem with this approach: I lose about 9 cents on the dollar. That's a big chunk of it. But hallelujah, there is another option.

One of the options at the Coin Star machine is to cash in your change for an Amazon Gift Certificate. When you do that, there is no fee for the coin count. So today, I took my coffee can of change and received a certificate for $79.35 for Amazon.

Now, I get to tell myself that I am getting free books. I'm in the Austin, TX area, so I hope this is something you can do in your part of the world to treat yourself to feeling like you are getting free books.

I am torn as what to buy. Part of me wants to get a lot of books, and part of me wants to splurge on mindless DVD comedies. A couple of seasons of Futurama just might be in my future. If that is what I do, then I guess this post should have been called, "Free DVDs."

Update: I just found out the new Roger Olson book, How to Be Evangelical Without Being Conservative is in stock at Amazon. That is a definite buy!


Bryan L said...

That looks like a good book. Have you seen his one that is answers to questions concerning folk Christianity?


Pascalian Awakenings said...

Bryan, no I haven't. What is it?

I already spent $70 of my gift certificate, but I've got about nine left. I think this plan is going to work out nicely.

Bryan L said...

Questions to All Your Answers: A Journey from Folk Religion to Examined Faith.

I think I saw it at the seminary bookstore the other day. I turned to a section and he was saying something like God does not have a detailed unalterable plan for your life. I had to stop right there before I got too into it.

Oh btw the seminary bookstore is having a 50% clearance on certain books and I saw one of Witherington's new commentaries. I think it might have been on the pastorals and something else.