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Friday, December 21, 2007

Very exciting stuff

Last night when I got home there was one of those wonderful boxes at the door. was from Amazon. AND, YES AGAIN! It was a book.

Inside was Nancey Murphy's Beyond Liberalism and Fundamentalism. This has moved to the top of the list. How could it not when the first two paragraphs of the introduction say this:
American Protestant Christianity is often described as a two party system. The division between "liberals" and conservatives (including both fundamentalists and evangelicals) is a deep one, often marked by acrimony and stereotypes. I leave it to the sociologists and historians to account for the acrimony. My goal here is to help clarify the difference between the intellectual positions of these two groups and to advance the thesis that the philosophy of the modern period is largely responsible of the bifurcation of Protestant Christan thought.

A second thesis of the book is that the modern philosophical positions that drove this division have all been called into question. So it is time to ask how theology ought to be done in a postmodern era and to envision a rapprochement between theologians of the left and right.
If that doesn't sound exciting to you, I don't know what does.

Nancey Murphy is Associate Professor of Christian Philosophy at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Woo hooo...let the festivities begin.


jeremy zach said...

I will party with you!!!!!!!

I just read that book two months ago. I am almost done with the refomers book. Wow I love it!!!

Pascalian Awakenings said...

Jeremy...reformers book? Olson?

St. Brianstine said...