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Friday, December 14, 2007

Tagged -- 7 Little Known Things About Myself

BryanL tagged me! First time I've been tagged...and here is the assignment: list seven little known facts about me.

1. I love my cat, Pascal. And my lizard, Petey.

2. I am an INTJ.

3. My only talent is video production.

4. I have trouble sleeping. I can only fall asleep watching TV so I'll get distracted. If I read before going to bed, I usually can't fall asleep.

5. I am sort of OCD and a germaphobe. When I leave the house I check the front door lock ten times (1...2....3....4....5 and I'll do this twice). I go through the same kitchen routine every night to make sure the gas stove is off and count all the electrical items to make sure they are off. I also have to turn on the outside lights, and look outside to make sure no one is there, and tug on the doors of the front and back of the house to make sure they are locked. I have to wash my hands before I eat. Friends will ask me if I washed my hands at a restaurant just to make me think about it knowing that as soon as I think about it I will have to get up and go wash them.

6. I love Star Trek, and I wish I were a Vulcan. When I was a kid and I would fall down and scrape my knee I would look to see if the blood was green.

7. I could listen to Billy Joel and Jimmy Buffet all day long.

I tag mlm.


Bryan L said...

3 is definitely not true and 5 and 6 were interesting (I laughed out loud to 6)


mlm said...

I just read your blog by chance...I've been out of blog-touch for so long now. But found my way to yours after finding my way back to Bryan's only to find LO AND BEHOLD! that you had tagged me for the meme. Alas. I'll try to come up with 7 little-known things about me. I suppose I post them on my blog???