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Friday, June 20, 2008

N.T. Wright on The Colbert Report


Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to express my disappointment with this interview. It seals my conviction that Steven Colbert is obnoxious. The problem is that the entire gag is always the same - Colbert makes fun of conservatives while whoever he interviews is put in the role of being a dupe. Tom Wright doesn't play that role well. He wants to crack jokes and be witty, but he's witty in a British intellectual kind of way, which just doesn't work on this show. It would have been interesting to see how this would have gone with Jon Stewart instead. I think this was a bad move for Wright.

Pascalian Awakenings said...

Hmmmm....Wright on Stewart's show. That would be interesting.

I am not of the belief that it was a bad more for Wright, although I agree with the British humor thing. I am hoping that a new audience will take some interest in Wright's book because of his appearance on the show.