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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Political Cartoon

From Lazarus Cartoons.


Bryan L said...

ouch... but do you really believe it applies or is true?

Pascalian Awakenings said...

I'm not sure what the question is? What are you asking?

Bryan L said...

I was asking if Obama's relationship to his pastor and the controversial out of context remarks he made are the same as some redneck hanging with the KKK and their racist remarks? Do you think Obama's views are the same as his Pastor (when his comments are assumed the worse of)?


Pascalian Awakenings said...

I think if it is OK for Obama...then it has to be OK with everyone else...if McCain is buddies with a bunch of KKKers, then that has to be OK. (Which he is not)

I have told you repeatedly, way before the videos came out, that something is wrong with Obama when he stays under a pastor who holds anti-any-people group views.

I would never have stayed in such a church. If he would have left ten years ago...I'd be OK with that. Get saved, grow up...get out. Or, if he was trying to help Wright change, which he has never made any such claims of which I am aware.

The truth is he hoped this would never surface, but he knew the views. Otherwise he would not have disinvited Wright to participate in his announcement for running for president.

But if people can say it is OK for Obama, then it has to be OK to for others. I do not think either assocation is acceptable.

Obama wants to be able to say look at all of Wright's career and ignore the statements, but have others step down from their roles or be fired. Why? They spoke about black people. If we looked at Imus's career, we would see a lot of good he has done for others. But for some reason, Obama does not hold that standard there.

I'm rambling...but we both know scripture tells us a lot about who we associate with.

Truth is Bryan, we've already had this conversation only it was about Wright's views on Jews. So, you know what I think.

Pascalian Awakenings said...

Hey Bryan, you didn't do the seminary meme.

Bryan L said...

"Truth is Bryan, we've already had this conversation only it was about Wright's views on Jews."

Yes but you never showed me any antisemitic statements from Wright. He may be anti-zionism but that is not antisemitic. There are a lot of anti-zionists and I've seen him make the same statements as someone like Desmond Tutu. Heck Gary Burge is probably anti-zionism from what I've read from him. Ben Witherington too.

"Obama wants to be able to say look at all of Wright's career and ignore the statements, but have others step down from their roles or be fired."

Because his career and all the good he's done tells quite a different story than the few statements he made out of context in the midst of emotional sermons. And as far as the everyone stepping down from their roles thing, that is happening on both sides. In fact I think it started with Hilary in the debate when she wanted Obama to say that he rejects Farrakhan's endorsement and wasn't satisfied with repudiating the statements. Then he returned the favor with Geraldine F. (which she was hesitant to do) and then it just kind of spun out of control, between the two.

The thing is everybody has moved on except Clinton and her backers. McCain isn't even making a big deal about it and neither did Huckabee who both could gain from it (Huckabee if he were he VP nominee). In fact hardly anyone is, except for Hilary and her camp. Why is that? It's like the only thing she can get to stick to Obama. I don't think it's a coincidence that she started bringing it up again when the Clinton Bosnia story broke. just saying...

Either way if this is not something you want to go into on blogs that's cool. It's just been forever since we've gotten together that I think this whole primary things might be over by the time we get around to it and we'll have missed out on some good discussions.
: )

BTW I didn't do the Seminary meme 'cause I never went to Seminary. You know that, that's why i was surprised you tagged me. I could make a fake one though. Maybe Regent College. hmm....
: )


Pascalian Awakenings said...

There's no reason to go on about it. We'll NEVER agree. You know I had issues with Wright before all this came up. I think I already told you that some of the statements I have read from Wright I can't find anymore. Either I'm searching wrong, or they have been removed like a lot of his stuff lately is suddenly disappearing.

I think you are wrong about only the Clinton camp having an issue with Wright. I agree she brought it up around Bosnia, but it has stayed an issue with independents and the Republicans who were going for Obama. (BTW, I saw a video with the former Sec of the Army confirming her statements on Bosnia.) Obama supporters are the only ones who don't have an issue with it. Big shock. If you think this won't be an issue in the general election, I think you will be very disappointed.

Bryan, when I am talking about others stepping down from their roles, I'm talking about Obama's double standard when it came to Imus and Trent Lott, not Geraldine Ferraro. Let's remember here who claims to be doing politics as different from Washington. In case you don't know, Imus has done a lot for children with cancer. That was ignored by him. Go to youtube and you will find where Obama talks about Imus.

As far as the seminary meme goes, it includes wanting to go to seminary. Click on the link.