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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Moved Mover

I've always thought of the Unmoved Mover in a cosmological/ontological way. Today during church, I had a thought. I hope I had more than one thought, but this thought was about the Unmoved Mover.

In Sunday school we were talking about prayer and our beliefs about prayer. During the song service I was thinking about emotions and accessing emotion. (I tend not to be an emotive person, so experiencing emotion can be somewhat of a problem.) It occurred to me that God is both an Unmoved Mover and a Moved Mover.

In an ontological way, He is unmoved because He does not change. But, I believe God feels and is moved emotionally (forgive me for lack of a better word) when His children come to him in prayer or worship. He grieves, rejoices, loves, and cares for us, thus making him a Moved Mover. Not moved in the sense that He has changed, but moved emotionally.

I believe He hurts for the lost. He longs for the prodigal to come home. I believe God is a passionate God. Perhaps that is one of the reasons He is so disgusted with the lukewarm. (I think disgusted would be an appropriate term to describe "spew you out of my mouth.") Perhaps one of the reasons He so detests lukewarmness from us is because He is not lukewarm about anything. I do understand that one of the primary reasons would be the sacrifice of Christ, but perhaps passion is part of our transformation into the image of Christ. Perhaps God's disgust stems from the fact that He does nothing half-heartedly, and neither should we.

So what do you think, can we refer to God as The Unmoved Moved Mover? Or the Unmoved Mover Moved?

On another note, why is "move" and "moved" pronounced "moove" and "mooved" instead of "muvved" like "loved"? Or perhaps "loved" should be pronounced "looved," but that would confuse people with the museum.

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