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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thank You, Sony

I have been working out a lot lately, and I quite enjoy it. I put on my music, and away I go. The club I go to has TV monitors where you tune in to an FM frequency to listen. So, I have an Insignia Pilot from Best Buy with a Boostaroo to make the music louder. The headphones I was using sound great (Bose ear buds), but after a while they would slip out of my ear from the sweat.

This put me on a quest for new headphone that would not slip and had good sound. The first pair I bought was from Altec Lansing. I thought it would work because they had the ear clip. Silly me was not paying enough attention to notice that it was ear buds and not the ones that go in your ear. Ear buds tend to hurt.

Then I bought the Sony headphones in the above picture. I tried them out today, and they were great. They are designed to withstand the moisture, so they don't slip. The sound great, even when the music is really loud.

So thank you Sony for helping my workout today and in the future.

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