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Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Fictitious Life Again

There I the jungles...knee high the grass came to my knee. The enemy stood motionless...within sight. Somehow I knew it sensed me. Somehow I knew he knew I was there. Somehow...he knew I knew he knew I was there. The standoff was underway.

In warfare one must learn to be silent, still, stealth, until the perfect moment. In warfare, the plan often means more than brawn; it means brains. Unfortunately for my opponent, I had the advantage on both.

Compared to me, my opponent was a mere mouse. My intellect far superior. My reflexes fast as a cat. My speed quick and unmatched. My strength overwhelming. My cunning...unspeakable.

Preparing to make my move I thought, "When? Should I wait 'til he turns his head? Should I wait 'til he makes his move? When?"

My instincts took over. When I saw his ear twitch, I darted; he dashed; I dashed; he darted. Through the twists and turns I matched his moves with greater agility and speed until my claws came out, and SWIPE...victory was mine.

Ears for an appetizer, ribs for the main course, and whiskers to use for dental floss. You have not feasted until you have had mouse on a spit. This mouse would be tastiest with A1 Mouse Sauce. I had a feast.

For, I am Pascal the Cat!

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