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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm Backslidden

I took this test on the Lark News web site that evaluated my "Evangelicalness." It turns out I am backslidden.

I think most people who know me will not be surprised, but I had to make a public confession of my lacking Evangelicalness.

The questions are cute, such as this:
Your car bumper sticker reads
a. Pro-Child, Pro-Choice
b. My child is an honor student
c. My boss is a Jewish carpenter

Since I have a bumper sticker that says, "My Cat is smarter than your honor student," I chose B.

Anyway, it looks like my Evangelical status is in question. Pray for my soul.


James Pate said...

I think I used to have a "Pro-Child, Pro-Choice" bumper sticker on my car. It was big, and it had a cartoon picture of a fetus. I got it from my local Bible bookstore (back when those existed), so I assumed it was pro-life.

MLM said...

Where did you get such an adorably funny bumper sticker? The pet store? I've never seen one, but the thought of yours made me chuckle.